Judges:  Yale Chasin, Frank Meo, Kerry Glass, Tricia Gonnella Russo, Catherine Scorsese, Laraine Brennan Barach, Amy McGovern, Donna Davis, Andrew Permison, Kathi Hecht.

Sponsors:  Towne Realty Group, New York Film Academy, The Gonnella Team, Investors Bank, Popcorn Indiana, JP Morgan Chase, All Media Consultants, The Arden Family, Doris Cheng & Ben DeRosa, The Farscht Family, The Hochman Family, Kitchen Expressions, The Podell Family, The Retik Family, The Rieder Family, The Russo Family, Michelle Schonhorn, The Talbert Family.

Films:  “Connected” by Hannah Geller; “My Second Home” by Jeremy Hochman; “Voodoo” by Max Retik; “Written” by Kyle Farscht; “iShrink” by Jasen Aziz; “Life in 5 Short Chapters” by Emma Quong; “Cowboys of Chincoteague” by Ethan Stupp; “Zeitgeist Productions Presents” by Nicole LaChance; “Dream” by Alex DeRosa.