The 1st annual Film Fest was held on April 11, 2012.

Judges:  Emily Bauer, Stephen Witty, Dr. Christine Burton, Stephen Zinnato, Brian Sullivan.

Sponsors:  HSBC Premier, New York Film Academy, Investors Bank, PNC Wealth Management, JP Morgan Chase, The Bouri Family, All Media Consultants, The Arden Family, The Farscht Family, The Gates Family, The Goldberg Family, The Heifetz Family, The Horman-Christopher Family, The Justice Family, The Kany Family, Kitchen Expressions of Short Hills, The Prager Family, The Rieder Family, The Retik Family, The Russo Family, The Slaff Family, The Schonhorn Family, The Talbert Family, Towne Realty Group, The Wen-Tuan Family, The Zinnato/Wagner Family.

Films:  “Julie-O” by Jake Oleson; “In Plain Sight” by Max Retik; “Not Again!” by Ethan Muhlon; “Skyping Ben” by Matthew Taylor; “Human” by Amanda Prager; “Look Up” by Jake Oleson and Amanda Prager; “Dear Savannah” by Shannon Peng; “Talk To Me” by Jake Oleson.