Established in 1993, Millburn Education Foundation (formerly Education Foundation of Millburn-Short Hills) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the Millburn public school curriculum by providing equipment, technology, programs, and staff development that cannot otherwise be funded. One of its major events is the Millburn Film Fest, a celebration of student filmmaking in the district.

Alyssa Russo & Lynn Farscht

The Film Fest was conceived in 2011, when Ed Foundation members Lynn Farscht and Alyssa Russo attended a fundraiser and saw a music video created by Millburn High School students. So impressed were they by the students’ work, they decided to create an event to showcase the creativity and technological skills of Millburn students while highlighting the impact of Ed Foundation contributions.

The first Millburn Film Fest took place in 2012. Since then it has become a popular annual event, screening a mix of short features, animated films, and documentaries that reflect the wide-ranging interests and imagination of the Millburn student body.

The judging panel features industry professionals who are Millburn alumni or residents. They have included notables such as John C. McGinley (“Scrubs”), Alan Zweibel (“SNL”), and Joe Kernan (CNN’s “Squawk Box”). Members of the Millburn Arts Advisory Committee also act as judges and mentors.

The Millburn Education Foundation has been instrumental in bringing media technology to Millburn schools. Thanks to an Ed Foundation grant, Millburn High School was able to launch Studio 462, its first and only student-run broadcasting network and production studio. Gifts to the studio and related art courses have approached $100,000 since Millburn Film Fest’s inception.


Past Judges

Tanya Nirielle Barach
Emily Bauer
Dr. Christine Burton
Domenica Cameron-Scorsese Yale Chasin
Leslie Glenn Chesloff
Nancy Dries
Tim Drucker
Alexander Franke
Kerry Glass
Joe Kernan
Jon Kilik
Michael Klein
David Koh

Sara Louise Lazarus
John C. McGinley
Frank Meo
Kay O’Connell
Trish Gonnella Russo
Josh Schwartz
Catherine Scorsese
Stuart Sender
Brian Sullivan
Chip Todd
Stephen Whitty
Stephen Zinnato
Alan Zweibel

Millburn Arts Advisory Committee

Laraine Brennan Barach, Chair
Donna Davis
Orna Greenberg
Kathi Hecht
Judith Kramer
Ilene Lasky-Klein
Amy McGovern
Andrew Permison
Victoria Plummer